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click to enlarge Neue Wiener Band, ein Projekt hinter dem Clemens Denk steckt, der schon ein paar Veröffentlichungen auf dem Vorgänger-Label TOTALLY WIRED hatte bzw. in Bands wie DOT DASH, KRAFFTMALEREI, RABE mitwirkte. Man nimmt sich hier das Genre "Rock" vor, dekonstruiert es und lässt es als Experiment wiederkehren, versetzt Stil-Elementen aus Noise, Post-Punk, Jazz und Weill'scher Folklore. Die Musik so zerstümmelt und neu zusammengefügt wie die Texte. Instinktiv fühlt man sich vom ersten Ton an die GOLDENEN ZITRONEN erinnert und im Endergebnis klingt das Ganze (zumindest für mich) viel spannender als eine Band wie HUMAN ABFALL, die einen ähnlichen Ansatz verfolgt... LP kommt mit Download-Code.

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WOLF MOUNTAINS- Birthday Songs For Paul - n/a

click to enlarge Garage-Rock/LoFi-Trash-Punk band from Stuttgart, featuring members of DIE NERVEN, MOSQUITO EGO, KARIES and LEVIN GOES LIGHTLY. 13 Songs in the tradition of artists like LINK WRAY, CRAMPS, and the likes... Recorded, produced and mastered by Max Rieger and Ralf Milberg (DIE NERVEN, HUMAN ABFALL, etc.!). Previously released as a cassette in 2014, now available as limited edition on green vinyl.

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 324 copies with download included! First 4Song-EP by an obscure band from Vancouver/Canada. Supposedly the 5 guys here are longtime scenesters, having been involved in various bands already. And listening to their songs, all this could be surely true, since they sound like a punchy rocking and heavy rumbling crosstake between the Touch&Go classics MULE and the MINUTEMEN!

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WORLD, THE - First World Record - LP(COL.) - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge Post-Punk band from Oakland/California, that additionally to the usual line-up (guitar, bass and drums) features as well bongos and two saxophones! Short to the point, catchy and danceable songs. And it's spicy, funky, groovy, and hot! Big fun! LP contains 12 songs, limited edition on clear 180g-vinyl, comes with insert and download-code included!

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click to enlarge THE WORLD is a revolutionary art-punk collective from Oakland/California, including Andy Human of the REPTOIDS, and members of the BEATKNIKS. This new Mini-LP follows their hot-great first LP (on UPSET THE RHYTHM), and is no less as exciting! 7 new songs making up to a spicey grooving, energetic and fun-filled No Wave dance-party. No imitation of their inspirators (think of ESG, DELTA 5, ESSENTIAL LOGIC), but sounds from the past catapulted into the future!

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click to enlarge 2nd full album by this band from Los Angeles, now with Lars Finberg (ex-INTELLIGENCE) as a new member. The 10 tracks here sound crunchier und fuller than on their debut album, recorded by Chris Woodhouse. Their music is still highly reminiscent of TELEVISION, but also with nods to the URINALS and other early-80s Garage-/Art-Punk bands. LP with download-code included.

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click to enlarge A band from England with a discordant and feverish sound, that picks up a lot of influences from the early-80s Post-Punk scene. Actually these guys are reminding me of SOEZA (minus the horns)...

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New Release! WRONG BODY- Benzo Edits - MC+MP3 - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge Yellow C30-cassette (with 7 songs) in a limited edition of 100 copies, with download-code included. WRONG BODY is the new moniker of Dino Spiluttini. Fully orchestrated ballads, sounding like deeply sad and melancholic R'n'B with crooner like vocals.

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WWK- s/t - CD

click to enlarge german veterans return with a full new album, featuring 14 tracks of crushing brutally-edged hardcore in the vein of bands like SO MUCH HATE and/or (the german) HAMMERHEAD...

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WYO STARS- Basuco Spells - 12" - DELETED ART

click to enlarge First record by this band from Los Angeles, including ex-members of MIRACLE CHOSUKE and BAD DUDES. 5 tracks of progressive Avant-Punk with a funky Sci-Fi sound, that's equally as danceable as it is spacey. Kinda like a fun version of AAVIKKO on a rollercoaster ride...

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