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OLIVER TWIST- New Tricks & Traps - LP - X-MIST

click to enlarge 3rd and BEST album! Often compared to ROBOCOP KRAUS or CHISEL, on this new LP the band has a way more varied approach, at times reminding me of LIFTER PULLER or LES SAVY FAV!

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ON ON ON- 17 Spells - 7"

click to enlarge Vinyl-debut from Berlin based trio, with no less than 17(!) tracks on this 7"! Short to-the-point Punk smashers and minimalistic Post-Punk gems, lasting 30 seconds on average. It's all youthful fresh, original and enthusiastic, quirky and funny, but also with serious undertones in their lyrics. Partly sung in german and english.

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click to enlarge Long lost DC-Hardcore CLASSIC! Post-RITES OF SPRING and EMBRACE, and pre-FUGAZI! 12 songs being some of the BEST Emo-Hardcore ever, ranking up there with the RITES OF SPRING and GRAY MATTER! LP (incl. download-code) repressed again!

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ONEIDA- A List Of Burning Mountains - LP - JAGJAGUWAR

click to enlarge New album, vinyl only, packed into a thick & heavy gatefold-cover, with a download-code included. Each side features one endless trip (resp. recording-session) into their own vision of improvised Psyche-Noise-Kraut drones.

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ONEIDA- Green Corridor Split #1 with PTERODACTYL - 12"+MP3 - ALTIN VILLAGE

click to enlarge Contains exclusive new recordings by both bands from New York! 2 experimental drones by ONEIDA (
And 4 tracks by PTERODACTYL, going into more psychedelic fields than on their previous releases (
Download-coupon included with this record as well.

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ONYOU- White Waste - 12" - CAPTCHA RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition of 200(!) copies on white vinyl with silkscreened covers! Following the "Poltergeist" LP, comes another piece of (almost) instrumental music from this experimental band from Chicago! Contains two slow and epic, psychedelic and spacey droning tracks with a dark paranoic atmosphere. Similar in style to bands like CAN and GOBLIN.

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OPILIONES- Constant Doubt - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge Listening to this, the stylistical influences are instantly pretty obvious: DRIVE LIKE JEHU, HOT SNAKES, and of course the WIPERS. This evidence isn't necessarily a "negative" sign, since A) these guys from South-Germany are doing it really good, with a cutting edge and strong energetic drive to it, and B) are these influences a sign for good taste anyway, right?! 7 songs on vinyl, with a download-code included, so it's surely a lot of "value for money"!

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click to enlarge Neither Portland, nor San Diego, but Aschau in Bavaria. Following their "Constant Doubt" EP and the split with FRANA, here's the first longplayer. 14 songs of frenetically driving Post-Punk, catchy and energetic, in the vein of bands like DRIVE LIKE JEHU, HOT SNAKES and the WIPERS. Limited handnumbered edition of 300 copies, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Contains two new songs each from these bavarian bands. FRANA are actually Italians, but living in Munich, with energetically rocking Post-Hardcore/Noise-Rock. And OPILIONES from Aschau in the alpine mountains with their powerfully intense DRIVE LIKE JEHU/HOT SNAKES-inspired sound. Limited edition of 300 copies, thick cardboard-cover, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge (aka OKINAWA PICTURE SHOW). Pretty cool, equally as raging as beautiful Pop-Punk with female vocals, from Birmingham. Irresistible and captivating!!! 10 songs, LP comes with download-code included.

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