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click to enlarge Their 2nd full album! Originally a twopiece, now featuring as well guitarist Brody (ex-MUTATORS). So it sounds different from "TV, Death & Devil". Actually like a wild and aggressively raging bastard child of early NIRVANA and female-fronted bands like L7, BABES IN TOYLAND, armed with a rowdy punk attitude! Is this Nü-Noise-Grunge-Punk, and will singer/bassist Andrea Lukic be the 21st century version of Kurt Cobain or Kathleen Hanna? (LP comes with download-code included)

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NUEVA VULCANO- Mano Izquierda/Predominio Del Sol - 7" - BCORE

click to enlarge New limited-edition single by this Spanish band, including ex-members of AINA! But while AINA always sounded pretty close to JAWBOX, this band seems to be more influenced by HÜSKER DÜ and SUPERCHUNK!

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NUMBERS- Solid Pleasure/No Afterlife - 7" - KILL ROCK STARS

click to enlarge features one song („Solid Pleasure“) from their forthcoming new album (which will be released as a CD only!), and exclusively on this 7“ a cover-version of „No Afterlife“ originally written by the ANTI-BODIES

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NUN- s/t - n/a - HOZAC RECORDS

click to enlarge US-pressing of first album from this Melbourne-based Synth-Punk band, originally released in 2014 on AARGHT! RECORDS in Australia. LP with printed innersleeve and poster included.

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NYOS- Navigation - LP

click to enlarge New album by instrumental duo from Jyväskylä/Finland, released on META MATTER RECORDS. Highly complex and enormously expressive Post-/Math-Rock, with structures and rhythms building up to intense walls of noise, dramatic and dynamic, heavy and emotive. May appeal to fans of bands like DON CABALLERO, STORM&STRESS, HELLA... 6 tracks with a full playing-time of over 30 minutes.

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