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click to enlarge First full album by this Berlin-via-Graz-based project. Features 9 tracks of pounding Synth-Punk, with impelling machine-beats, brusque and sharp bass/guitar, sinister synths, and vocals. A cold and dark atmosphere, but always moving forward with bouncy pumping drive and being enormously catchy. LP comes with two inserts and download-code included.

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New Release! LASSIE- Yes! Like The Dawg - MC - PHANTOM

click to enlarge First cassette, reissued in a limited edition of 100 copies. Weirdo-Synth-Trash Punk at it’s best and most ridiculously bizarre. All fun, kinda like a manic version of DEVO meeting the TRONICS...

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click to enlarge Following the great (and sold-out) "Gestalt" LP, here's 7 more new songs of the art brut Post-Punk band from London. A furious and sinister sound, like a bastard drawing influences from THE FALL and GANG OF FOUR to BLACK FLAG and SONIC YOUTH... Comes with postersized insert and download-code included.

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click to enlarge First full album (10 tracks) for this London-based band, who previously released a 7" on THRILLING LIVING. Expanding and improving the sound of that EP, their dirgey and sludgy, noise-damaged Hardcore-Punk is like a furiously raging wall-of-sound take on FLIPPER alike style, fronted by singer Camille's angry vocals. Limited edition of 500 copies, with insert and download-code included.

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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS- Discourse/Eton Alive - 7"COL. - EXTREME EATING

click to enlarge Limited edition single on white vinyl. "Discourse" is an outtake from the recently released album, while "Eton Alive" was previously unreleased (and not included on the album by the same title).
"Discourse" video:

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New Release! TACOCAT- This Mess Is A Place - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge New album by this Power-Pop band from Seattle. Their fourth, and the first one on SUB POP. Contains 10 new songs of their feminist, political, and perfectly catchy anthemic tunes. Reminiscent of the female-fronted twee-pop bands like TALULAH GOSH, HEAVENLY, MARINE RESEARCH, TENDER TRAP,etc., with a nod to BIKINI KILL...

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New Release! USA NAILS- Life Cinema - LP - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition of 200 copies on hazy clear-brown swirled vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code included! Following the brilliant "Shame Spiral" LP from 2017, here comes the newest slab of vinyl by this Noise-Rock/Post-Punk band from London. In terms of hi-energy, full-on blasting sound, these guys remind me of the legendary SUPERCONDUCTOR. Contains 12 new songs, released in the USA on HEX RECORDS.

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New Release! TRIGGER CUT- Buster - CD / LP+CD

click to enlarge After the split of BUZZ RODEO, singer/guitarist Ralf had formed instantly this new threepiece Noise-Rock unit, continuing the sound of BUZZ RODEO in a fierce energetic and aggressively rocking way. Their debut-album features 10 tracks, heavily influenced by the sounds and styles of JESUS LIZARD, with nods to UNSANE, BIG BLACK, RAPEMAN, SHELLAC, DISTORTED PONY, and other late 80s/early 90s Noise-Rock heroes... Comparable to bands like TEN VOLT SHOCK or METZ. Selfreleased by the band, available as 180-vinyl LP with CD-version included, or digipak-CD only.

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New Release! WORLD, THE - Reddish - 12" - MICROMINIATURE

click to enlarge THE WORLD is a revolutionary art-punk collective from Oakland/California, including Andy Human of the REPTOIDS, and members of the BEATKNIKS. This new Mini-LP follows their hot-great first LP (on UPSET THE RHYTHM), and is no less as exciting! 7 new songs making up to a spicey grooving, energetic and fun-filled No Wave dance-party. No imitation of their inspirators (think of ESG, DELTA 5, ESSENTIAL LOGIC), but sounds from the past catapulted into the future!

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click to enlarge Neue Wiener Band, ein Projekt hinter dem Clemens Denk steckt, der schon ein paar Veröffentlichungen auf dem Vorgänger-Label TOTALLY WIRED hatte bzw. in Bands wie DOT DASH, KRAFFTMALEREI, RABE mitwirkte. Man nimmt sich hier das Genre "Rock" vor, dekonstruiert es und lässt es als Experiment wiederkehren, versetzt Stil-Elementen aus Noise, Post-Punk, Jazz und Weill'scher Folklore. Die Musik so zerstümmelt und neu zusammengefügt wie die Texte. Instinktiv fühlt man sich vom ersten Ton an die GOLDENEN ZITRONEN erinnert und im Endergebnis klingt das Ganze (zumindest für mich) viel spannender als eine Band wie HUMAN ABFALL, die einen ähnlichen Ansatz verfolgt... LP kommt mit Download-Code.

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