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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS- Eton Alive (german version) - LP(COL.) - EXTREME EATING

click to enlarge The only difference to the english version are the tracklist and credits written in german on the back-cover... and yes, it's pressed on pink vinyl.

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New Release! SPRAY PAINT & THE REBEL- Charles And Roy's Purple Wang - LP - EVER/NEVER RECORDS

click to enlarge While being on European tour, experimental Noise-Punks SPRAY PAINT from Austin/Texas and Englands Weirdo-Folk/Garage-Blues artist THE REBEL (aka Ben Waller, ex COUNTRY TEASERS) decided to hit a studio for recording together a few songs. A perfect match, and here's the result, 7 songs put onto vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! STRIGGLES- Low Level Life - 2XLP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge New album by austrian experimental rock band. Limited edition on clear vinyls, packed into a superbly styled gatefold-cover, with download-code and two sheets with artwork included. 18 tracks, and all in all way too much going on for putting it into the short description with words. It's as uniquely outstanding as anything coming from these guys. Noncomparable, nonchalant, pretty cool, and you can check it out yourself here:

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New Release! TICS- Agnostic Funk - LP - TOMATENPLATTEN

click to enlarge The new and second album by Cologne's TICS, and the instant impression is like "Wow!". It's all upbeat, tight, funky and catchy. Excellent production with lots of variation, in an overall great sound, and this definite MINUTEMEN/FIREHOSE appeal (making you almost think it could be D.Boon on guitar...). What else can be said? If you liked their first one, you'll love this one even more. And for those not having checked them out yet (or having been undetermined before), now's the time to do so!

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click to enlarge New album by Minneapolis Art-Punk purveyors, which shows them more adventurous, maybe experimental (though this term doesn't really do them justice). Straying away from the DEVO Punk moniker of their previous releases, more to an attitude similar to the late 70s Punk inspired miscreant Art-Rock (think of bands like MX-80 SOUND, PERE UBU and/or DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS). That kind of Post-Punk, that meant to be post-Punk era inspiration, and not a term for another strict styled genre.

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New Release! V/A- SALAD DAYS - LP

click to enlarge Features music from the DC punk documentary film, as well as longtime out-of-print tracks. One song each by BLACK MARKET BABY, DOUBLE-O, FIREPARTY, GOVERNMENT ISSUE, GRAY MATTER, HOLY ROLLERS, IRON CROSS, JAWBOX, KINGFACE, MARGINAL MAN, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, SHUDDER TO THINK, SOULSIDE, SWIZ, UNITED MUTATION, VOID and YOUTH BRIGADE. So this could be a real good compilation, but NOTE: No insert, no linernotes, no download-code, nothing! Just the tracklist on the back-cover.

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