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New Release! TABLE SUGAR- Introductory Material - LP - WATER WING RECORDS

click to enlarge Debut-LP by Art-Punk band from Olympia/Washington, exploring a similar territory as their friends in the LITHICS. But maybe a bit frenetic and angular, less funky and more confrontational and experimentally minded. A sure treat for fans of the SLITS, RAINCOATS, LiLiPUT or UT. Originally released in 2016 as a cassette, and now finally put onto vinyl!

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New Release! TERRORIST- American Today - 7" - TOXIC STATE RECORDS

click to enlarge First EP with 6 songs by Hardcore-Punk band from New York City, featuring LA MISMA singer Nadine on bass. A powerful re-rendition of the NYHC sound, minus the macho testosterone appeal.

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New Release! U-NIX- Nuke Portland - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Following their 7" on LUMPY resp. cassette on DROP MEDIUM, the first longplayer (8 tracks) by this furious band from Portland, incl. John Cardwell of NASA SPACE UNIVERSE. A manically psychotic Hardcore attack, raging at full speed. Comes with insert and download-code included.

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New Release! JARADA- s/t - LP

click to enlarge JARADA from Tel Aviv/Haifa play raw political Hardcore-Punk with lyrics sung in Hebrew. Reminding of previous Israeli Punk bands like NEKHEI NAATZA or DIR YASSIN, the 13 songs on their debut-LP cover influences ranging from NEGATIVE APPROACH to the REPOS.

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New Release! NEO NEOS- Kill Someone You Hate - LP - NECK CHOP RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition with obi-strip, fullcolor insert and download-code included. NEO NEOS is the alter ego of Connie Voltaire from Michigan/USA, close companion of and partner in crime with ERIK NERVOUS. This LP contains 22 tracks of minimalistic but raw crushing Homerecording-Punk. Sounding totally primitive, but equally as outstanding. Absolutely bizarre and wild shit going on here, and lots of fun! Words can not describe this.

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New Release! BRIEFS- Kids Laugh At You/She’s The Rat - 7"+MP3 - TAKEN BY SURPRISE

click to enlarge Their first new material in over a decade! Contains two new fast-paced smashers of 77-style Punk by this band from Seattle/Washington. Comes with download-code included!

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New Release! HUBESKYLA- Fly On The Wings Of Love - LP - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge New album by swiss heavy-psych Kraut-Rock band. Since the release of their debut ("Spencer's Return" in 2012), the band has expanded to a qintet, now including a singer as well. The LP contains 5 extensively long tracks, mixing Proto-Heavy-Rock with Grunge and Stoner, Psychedelic and Noise-Rock. Reminds a lot of the late 1960s, with a sound similar to bands like the ELECTRIC PRUNES, PROCOL HARUM or the early DEEP PURPLE, as well as SOUNDGARDEN... LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! TERRY- I'm Terry - LP(COL.) - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge New 3rd full album by this band from Melbourne/Australia, as a limited edition on neon-yellow 180g-vinyl, with download-code included. Contains 10 new songs, effortlessly switching from minimalist Art-Pop ditties to catchy tuneful Post-Punk rockers. Melodies, harmonies, chants, choruses, and fun!

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New Release! RATTLE- Sequence - LP - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge Limited edition on thick 180g-vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code included. The 2nd album by this drumming duo from Nottingham/UK. And it's amazing what these two ladies are achieving with such a minimalistic line-up, two drum-sets and occasional vocals. The LP contains 4 extensively long explorations in rhythm, varying percussive patterns with interchanging tensions. Maybe this could be reminiscent of CAN, but there's really noone else and nothing like RATTLE...

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