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New Release! THE WHIP- s/t - LP - WÄNTAGE USA

click to enlarge *in stock & available on 2nd April 2020*
Limited edition LP featuring all the recordings from this shortlived (2002/2003) post-KARP and pre-BIG BUSINESS band, including Joe Preston.

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New Release! DEAD- Raving Drooling - LP - WÄNTAGE USA / WE EMPTY ROOMS

click to enlarge New album by Australian duo with 7 tracks of their earth-shattering Noise-Rock. US-version here for sale, limited edition of 130 handnumbered copies, pressed on premium quality 180g-vinyl, with silkscreened cardboard-insert included.

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New Release! CORIKY- s/t - CD / LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge *pre-order item*
The first album of the expanded version of the EVENS (Amy Farina and Ian MacKaye), with Joe Lally on bass, was supposed to be released and available these days now. But due to various aspects of the current crisis, Dischord decided to move the release date to late April. So you can be sure (in case the world doesn't come to an end) that we'll be getting these records for 100%. But it won't ship before the currently new official release-date on APRIL 24th.

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New Release! CABLE TIES- Far Enough - LP / LP(COL.) - MERGE RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album by this trio from Melbourne/Australia, whose members are actively involved in the non-profit organisation "Girls Rock!", supporting feminist, transsexual and non-binary artists. Their music’s alternative Rock, with an urgent and intense Punk spirit. For fans of the COATHANGERS, SLEATER-KINNEY and BIKINI KILL. Limited edition on multicoloured vinyl, or standard edition on black vinyl, both with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Back in stock again!
Wow fucking wow!!! Imagine a female-fronted version of ARAB ON RADAR, or even better of the CHINESE STARS. Incredible dual guitar attacks, backed by a pounding drummer, and the Lydia Lunch alike vocals of singer Irene. Ferociously wild and infectiously catchy at the same time. One hell of a fantastic record. Limited edition of 300 copies on "coke-bottle clear" vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! BEAUTY PILL- Sorry You're Here - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge A new LP by this band from DC, around former SMART WENT CRAZY members Chad Clark and Devin Ocampo. The recordings on this LP were written and composed as the soundtrack to Taffety Punk Theatre Company's play "Suicide Chatroom". Limited edition pressing on coke-bottle clear vinyl.

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New Release! DOWNCAST- Tell Me I'm Alive - LP - EBULLITION

click to enlarge The return of this influential Californian Hardcore band from the early 90s, pioneers and part of an evolution in the American Hardcore/Punk scene, with young new bands taking a resistant, political, and ethically strong DIY-determined turn. Now 25 years later, DOWNCAST are back with a set of 10 tracks on this LP. Some of the song date back to the time when they broke up and remained unrecorded until now, and some of the songs are new and picking up where they had left off back then, pushing forward their sound musically and politically.

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click to enlarge Can Hardcore-Punk still be wild and free? Rarely these days, but here the answer is: Oh yeah! NEON is an all-girl band from the Californian Bay Area, including singer Grace who runs the label THRILLING LIVING, guitarist Marissa of GIRLSPERM. On their debut-vinyl there's 10 ecstatically raging Punk tracks, unhinged guitars and caustic vocals, and overall a sound of their own. Limited edition of 400 copies, issued with a silkscreened and hand-glued OBI-strip, and a risographed four-color insert. (Note: Ironically enough there was a swiss all-girl Punk band in the late 70s also named NEON)

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New Release! MOANING- Uneasy Laughter - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge The new 2nd album by this band from Los Angeles, on which they have (mostly) traded guitars for synths. The result is that the 13 tracks on this album (once again produced by Alex Newport) have a sound more reminiscent now of bands like the CURE, OMD, NEW ORDER and/or the PIXIES...

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click to enlarge Limited edition on transparent blue vinyl, including download-code. The 2nd album by this band from Brighton/UK, fronted by songwriter and exceptional singer Dana Margolin. 11 tracks of existentialist Alternative-Indie, with influences ranging from Jangle-Pop over Noise-Punk to PJ Harvey.

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