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RACE CAR- Build Your Own Go Kart - 7" - NECK CHOP RECORDS

click to enlarge Totally quirky and Garage sounding Trash-Punk earworms from California! 4 songs, made with nothing more but a drum-machine, twang-loaded guitars, various mechanical noise-things, and vocals. Fuzzy, ripping and gripping big fun! Minimal means with maximum effects.

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click to enlarge Modern post-rock meets classic (with the use of violins, celli, etc.!)

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RACHEL'S- Music For Egon Schiele - LP - QUARTERSTICK

click to enlarge 2nd orchestral opus by this band!

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click to enlarge Their 4th full album. Double-LP version comes with mp3-download code included!

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click to enlarge Final full-length album from 2003 for the first time ever on vinyl! Double-LP includes the "Technology Is Killing Music" EP as bonus. Deluxe gatefold-packaging with expanded artwork and photography, and with download-code included!

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click to enlarge 3rd lengthy opus of modern post-rock meets classic - vinyl comes with download-coupon included!

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RADIUM GRRRLS- Pro Choice - 7"+MP3 - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge Debut-EP with 6 songs from Swedens RADIUM GRRRLS (actually being 3 boys with female singer Emilia). Their blasting brand of Hardcore is a combination of Powerviolence outbursts with the lyrical rage of the Riot Grrrl movement. If it wasn't for the name Emilia, you could never tell it's a woman delivering these raw screaming vocals...

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click to enlarge Remastered re-issue! The legendary classic first album, originally released in 1979 on ROUGH TRADE, by one of the most influential female-bands ever (alongside with the SLITS and LILIPUT/KLEENEX)! Rereleased on their own label WE THREE RECORDS (LP currently out of print! CD includes enhanced video-bonus!)

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RAMLEH- It's Never Alright/Kerb Krawler - 7"COL. - FOURTH DIMENSION RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition of 500 copies on green vinyl. Contains two new exclusive tracks by Power Electronics Noise Rock outfit, featuring Gary Mundy and Anthony Di Franco (ex-SKULLFLOWER)

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RANDOM CUTS- Make Damage/Pigeon Park - 7"+MP3 - NOMINAL RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition of 524 on yellow vinyl, with download-coupon! 3rd single by Justin Gradin (MUTATORS, SEX NEGATIVES, and more) joining forces with Mildred Smith and Elanor van Houten, playing noisy No Wave-Punk with a trashy LoFi-appeal! Think of early American Punk, but all put into a real primitive, rowdy rumbling and non-pretentious way. At times it sounds to me like MISFITS or the LEWD in a modern Garage-Trash style...

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