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click to enlarge The second album by dynamic couple from Greece! Blazing walls of sound meet with cranking rhythms. Weirdo Garage-Rock meets Post-Punk meets Industrial, melting into 10 tracks of sardonic Freak-Destructo-Rock.

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New Release! HEAVY LUNGS- Measure - 12"+MP3 - BALLEY RECORDS

click to enlarge New EP (5 songs) by this band from Bristol, released on the IDLES label – and a sure treat for fans of that band. Full-frontal loud and with total intensity. Not really similar to labelmates LICE, but with the same rage. Limited edition of 1000 copies on orange vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! HEAVY METAL- Four - MC - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge The fourth album by this non-stoppable hit machine from Berlin. Features 24 new tracks of their lo-fi high-noise punk smashers! Supposed to be released as double-LP vinyl, but that won't be happening before 2020! So for now and meanwhile, it's available as a professionally-dubbed C65 tape.

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New Release! LYMES- Index - 7" - POLAKS RECORDS

click to enlarge Debut-EP with 4 songs by Australian band, released on the same label that brought us the VINTAGE CROP LPs. Furious and frenzied Garage-Punk smashers, coming straight in your face and hitting your body like instant hits. If you like VINTAGE CROP (or MOD VIGIL), this will be surely your thing as well.

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New Release! MAKE-UP- Save Yourself - LP - BLACK GEMINI RECORDS

click to enlarge Reissue of their long out-of-print album, 20 years after its initial release of this masterpiece on K RECORDS in 1999. Remastered on recut for this re-release on the band’s own BLACK GEMINI label. Comes with fullcolor-print innersleeve included.

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New Release! NOXEEMA- s/t 8Song-EP - 7"+MP3 - DOTX3

click to enlarge Crushing, female-fronted Punk smashers from Portland/Oregon. Short and fast to the point, with each song lasting more or less one minute, with a bit of an AVENGERS feel to it. Features ex- and current members of DEFECT DEFECT, REPERCUSSIONS, THE STOPS, and more. Third release on Berlin based label dotx3 (following the CURRENT AFFAIRS and ARGUMENT? 7"s), limited edition of 300 copies, with packaging as cool as the music: two-color screenprinted sleeves, handstamped labels, insert and download-code included!

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New Release! PISSE- Hornhaut Ist Der Beste Handschuh - 7" - PHANTOM

click to enlarge Nachgepresst! Die zweite Auflage der aktuellsten EP (4 Songs) von Deutschlands neuen Punk Helden! Unterscheidet sich von der ersten Auflage durch ein etwas verändertes bzw. verbessertes Cover (weißer Offset-Druck auf schwarzem Karton).

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click to enlarge Already released in late 2016, but we took notice of this amazing Serbian trio (2 girls and 1 guy from Belgrade) just recently. REPETITOR offers high-voltage Garage-Postpunk-Noise-Rock, bursting with rage, energy, passion and anxiety. Of course lots of comparisons could be drawn, ranging from the STOOGES over SONIC YOUTH and NIRVANA to BIKINI KILL and more... but REPETITOR are a genuine and unique thing of their own.

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click to enlarge The 2nd LP by this genre-bending band from Zagreb/Croatia. An intricately drifting and melancholic sound, combining elements of Alternative Rock, Trip Hop, No Wave, and Anti-Folk into their moody downtempo songs. Definitely one of the most interesting music projects coming from the Balkans in recent years.

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New Release! URINALS- Pin The Needles - LP(COL.) - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge The first official URINALS live album, released 40 years after being recorded 1979 in Santa Barbara, featuring 22 tracks, including all their classics! Capturing the band at their early aggressive stage, pressed on red vinyl, packed into a gatefold-sleeve, with linernotes included.

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