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click to enlarge Following the vinyls with KILLER resp. KILLERLADY, and FALCON FIVE, here's now the first tape on BEAU TRAVAIL: The reissue of a cassette by an unknown, obscure german band from 1996. 6 lofi-pop-songs in the best sense and finest tradition of the word, in the vein of bands like POLVO and YO LA TENGO, but with ist own charme and character! Limited handnumbered edition of 50 cassettes only!

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GAUCHE- A People's History - LP - MERGE RECORDS

click to enlarge Debut full-length album by this band from Washington DC, featuring members of the DOWNTOWN BOYS and PRIESTS. LP contains 11 songs, and comes with download-code included. Musically it's Pop-Punk inbetween LE TIGRE, X-RAY SPEX and the B-52's...

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GAYBEAST- Charm/We Keep Our Victims Ready - 7" - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge Brandnew single with the band's first new recordings since the release of their highly acclaimed “Second Wave” album. Noise-Art-Punk, somewhere in between DEVO, SCISSOR GIRLS, ARAB ON RADAR and RESIDENTS... Released in a limited edition with hand-silkscreened covers!

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GAYBEAST- Multi Purpose Anti Form - 7"

click to enlarge Limited edition with 3-color silkscreened sleeves, released on GILGONGO RECORDS. Features one older song by this band, and 2 cover-versions on the backside, all exclusively on vinyl on this EP! Noisey and spastic, much more complex than on their LPs, and rocking with a punch!

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click to enlarge Available on CD, or as limited vinyl edition with silkscreened gatefold-sleeves(!) and insert! Drawing influences from the more experimental side of New York No Wave (MARS, DNA), Math-Rock like GOD IS MY CO-PILOT, and mixing it thru' a modern-day Noise-Rock blender, Minnesota's premier agit-prog queer band cuts a careening groove between the prickly corners of tunefulness and musical density, danceability and controlled chaos... Eccentric, but not pathetic!

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GAYBEAST- To Smithereens - CD - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge New full album by this trio from Minneapolis! Features 11 new tracks of their oddly skronking and electronically spiced-up No Wave Noise-Rock! Hard to describe with words, and hard to compare, but think of something in between DEVO, DNA, ARAB ON RADAR and CAPTAIN BEEFHEART... LP packed in a full-color silkscreened sleeve with a booklet included!

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click to enlarge One-sided pressing in a limited edition of 95 copies, in glued cardboard-cover with fullcolor sticker, and info-sheet. Recorded 14.01.2017 at the "Night of Distortions" in Augsburg, K15. Full live-set. Noises, effects, samples. Total destruction, the end of music...

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click to enlarge Second EP with 6 more songs by this band from Olympia/Washington, featuring ex-members of VEXX (singer MaryJane und guitarist Ian). Crushingly KBD-styled, fast, furious and female-fronted Punk-Rock. Comes with lyric-sheet insert and download-code included.

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GEN POP- On The Screen - 7" - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge First EP (with 5 songs) by new band from Olympia/Washington, featuring singer MaryJane and guitarist Ian from the now defunct VEXX! Crushing Power-Pop, fast and in a smashingly noisy sound!

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click to enlarge First full album by this band from Olympia/Washington, featuring former members of the VEXX. Contains 12 tracks of their bright and enthusiastic music, inbetween Power-Pop and Punk. References? Swell Maps meet Buzzcocks in the late 80s American Indie scene... Limited edition of 500 copies in a fullprint cover, packed in a silkscreened polybag, with insert and download-code included.

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