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click to enlarge Debut-album as deluxe-style vinyl-version in exquisite gatefold-cover, stickered plastic-sleeve, with huge poster and download-code included! Post-Punk meets Gospel and black Protest-Soul! This is BIG, and with a mighty impressive singer!!! If TV ON THE RADIO had been more influenced by bands such as BIRTHDAY PARTY and GUN CLUB, they could've probably sounded like this...

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ALGIERS- The Underside Of Power - LP - MATADOR

click to enlarge 2nd full album, with 12 tracks of their unique (and political) mixture of Post-Punk, Industrial-Rock, Soul and Gospel. Comes with a 12-page-booklet (photos and lyrics) and a download-code included!

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click to enlarge Full album released in 2014, containing 10 tracks. Black vinyl, with poster-sized insert, plus download-code, packed in a gatefold-cover.

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click to enlarge 2nd full album by these four ladies from London. In the same way as on their debut ("Silence Yourself"), this LP is accompanied with a manifesto, describing the context of their messages. Contains 10 songs of their unique style, mixing influences from Post-Punk, New Wave, Psyche- and Post-Rock, paired with Siouxsie-like vocals. Impressively perfect sounding, and bit more rocking than on their debut. LP packaged in deluxe gatefold-cover, and with download-code included!

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SAVAGES- Silence Yourself - LP - MATADOR

click to enlarge SAVAGES are four ladies from London, reconstructing late 70s/early 80s Post-Punk (think of GANG OF FOUR, BANSHEES, AU PAIRS and COMSAT ANGELS) for the 21st century. Pretty impressive sound, really tight and with an enormously kicking and punchy bass. LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! SNAIL MAIL- Lush - LP - MATADOR

click to enlarge Following her fascinating debut "Habit" (on SISTER POLYGON), here's a new full album by young singer, songwriter & guitarist Lindsey Jordan and her band. Features 10 new songs. Charming (or "lush" as the album-title says) tunes making up a real Indie-Rock pearl. LP comes with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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click to enlarge 3rd full album (after 2 LPs on SILTBREEZE) now available as LP on 180g-premium-vinyl, including a free download-coupon! 16 songs, still with nice little pop-melodies creeping out of a totally noisey and feedback-soaked sound! Reminding of early PAVEMENT, SUPERCHUNK, or the rocking side of SONIC YOUTH.

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