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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on green-marble-colored vinyl! A pretty unusual release for this label, but also in every other aspects. Abstract Dream-Noise-Pop, mixtures of experimental sounds and spoken word. The duo (named after a classic CHROME song) consists of Rahel Preisser (vocals, trumpet, noise-effects) and Ghazi Barakat (also known as PHAROAH CHROMIUM, and many years ago as BOY FROM BRAZIL, ex-member of BURST APPENDIX, and lots more...) playing the "Rauschpfeif", which is a flute, that simply put works and sounds similar to a bagpipe, resp. the modern electronic version of it (called EWI). References: Hawkwind, Nico, Jane Birkin, Chrome, Krautrock...

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AUS- s/t - n/a - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge All Girl Post-Punk from Berlin. Cool and sinister, definitely and positively sounding like a modern reincarnation of X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND! In the recently massive wave of bands being influenced by the early 80s Post-Punk sounds, AUS are still an outstanding appearance, with their icey synth-sounds, minimalistic guitar and bass, and almost tribal (or industrial?) drum beats. And their german lyrics perfectly fit into the atmosphere created. LP comes packaged in an extremely thick cardboard-cover, with handstamped envelope included, containing a band-photo.

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click to enlarge The fourth album by this non-stoppable hit machine from Berlin. Features 24 new tracks of their lo-fi high-noise punk smashers! Supposed to be released as double-LP vinyl, but that won't be happening before 2020! So for now and meanwhile, it's available as a professionally-dubbed C65 tape.

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click to enlarge Don't get confused by the name, absolutely great PUNK stuff here! 13 songs that bring to mind the sound and style of british classics like ATV or the very early singles from THE FALL... But most of all it's one helluva joyride of shambolic and ecstatic Punk! Dirty, primitively raw, tense, relentless and snotty, creatively paired with some electronics, and most of all with a similar sarcastically spitting wit as with the SLEAFORD MODS or Mark Wynn. As far as I understood from Berlin, but (at least) the singer originating from the UK. Anti-Music, Anti-Sense, Anti-You – and totally cool! In more than perspective, kinda like a "british counterpart" to the german PISSE.

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HEAVY METAL- Smash Criticism Smash Optimism Smash Arachnophobia - LP - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge The 2nd full album by this Berlin-based band, who released one of the most outstanding Punk albums ("Anti-Music Anti-Sense Anti-You") last year. This new one features 13 more songs, and it's no less as refreshing and ecstatic as the first one. Lots of references could be named for their sound, from WIRE and ATV over URINALS and WEIRDOS to the early FLYING NUN bands... and more than that! But most of all, these guys are representing it with fun, style, a character of their own, and a great sense of (self-)irony.

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HYÄNE- Demontage und Zerfall - 12" - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Neue Scheibe mit 8 Songs der Berliner Wave-Punks. Wobei das eindeutig mehr Punk als Wave ist, mit ordentlichem Wumms! Den KILLING JOKE Vergleich kann man gelten lassen, nur eben dass diese Hyänen wesentlich härter und direkt treibender zur Sache gehen.

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click to enlarge Solo-Project of F-Slug alias Fabian Dietz (ex- and current member of the bands Bombenalarm, Burial, Doomtown, Nightslug, and Sun Bather). 16 tracks of fuzzy and distorted, Industrial-sounding Minimal-Synth and Weirdo-Noise.
Two videos to check out: and/or

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click to enlarge 8 songs of rough and primitively raw Hardcore-Punk from Berlin. Hate fuelled, rowdy, snotty and pissed. Features members of DIÄT, BLANK PAGES, MODERN PETS, etc... LP comes with obi-strip and double-sided A2-size poster.

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SICK HORSE- Good Body Feeling - LP - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Debut-LP (8 songs) by another obscure band from Berlin. Includes at least one member of HEAVY METAL, as far as I'm told... But whoever it may be, it's a fucking awesome Punk-Rock smasher! Loud, fast, hard, groovy, catchy, tight. Just the way it's supposed to be.

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