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click to enlarge Strictly limited edition of 500 copies as one-sided pressing with 7 songs, and graphics on the vinyl-backside. 2nd collaboration of Japanese Noise band HIJOKAIDAN with "Aidoru" (aka "Idol") J-Pop girl-group BiS. What could be said about the first LP (which is totally sold-out by now!), can be said about this one as well: An unlikely combination of totally distorted guitars and noises, gut-wrenching screaming with angelic singing and J-pop song-structures. So BISKAIDAN can be called the first and only and full-on raging "Idol-Noise" band.

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click to enlarge Japanese female duo, Itsuka on vocals and Gonchi as DJ, with their debut-album, featuring 8 tracks of filthy Electro-Rap, powered with fat beats. Accordingly to the label they hate Japanese society, so maybe the girls got more in common with the SLEAFORD MODS than just the line-up... But musically their furious Electro-Pop reminds more of the acts like MIA, PEACHES or the CHICKS ON SPEED.

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CULTURE REJECT- Breaking With The World - LP - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Anyone out there into beautifully constructed, wonderfully heartfelt and brilliantly orchestrated singer/songwriter music? Then make sure to check out CULTURE REJECT, the project of singer and multi-instrumentalist Michael O'Connell from Toronto/Canada. Hardly ever heard such intriguing songs since the days of Elliott Smith (or Paul Simon, if you will, and it may also appeal to fans of TV ON THE RADIO or VAMPIRE WEEKEND...).

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CUT CITY- Exit Decades - LP(COL.) - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Official reissue of the first album by Swedish Post-Punk and Cold Wave band. Originally released in 2007 as a split-release on GSL and DELETED ART. Now repressed again in a limited edition of 500 copies on green-transparent vinyl, with printed innersleeve.

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DOG BLESS YOU- La Science De Langage - LP(COL.) - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on red 180g-vinyl. New full album (12 songs) by solo-project of franco-canadian Samuel Ricciuti, founder of CHEZ KITO KAT label. Blending influences ranging from Ambient and Hip-Hip to Post-Punk, Breakbeat, Downtempo-Techno, and other electronic and analog experimentations. An eclectic album, impressive and interesting, with excellent production. For fans of acts like AUTECHRE, BOARDS OF CANADA and similars.

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New Release! HARU NEMURI- Lovetheism - LP(COL.) - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Limited edition of 999 copies in three differently colored vinyl-versions. About a year ago HARU NEMURI surprised and overwhelmed us with her fantastic pop-music masterpiece "Haru To Shura". That one's sold out, but here's a new record, equally as awesome and amazing! An ultimate work of a genius, even expanding her brilliance!

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click to enlarge Another project from Japans Noise legend HIJOKAIDAN, here with the "vocaloid" Hatsune Miko. Not an actual person, but a specially developed synthetic voice-program for the Anime character Hatsune Miko, immensely propular in Japan, and the world's first and biggest purely virtual Popstar! (For live-performances of HATSUNEKAIDAN the Hatsune Miko avatar is embodied by the cosplay-girl Le Chat)

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click to enlarge Another crazy bizarre thing from Japan released on SPECIFIC: Here's 5 girls mixing the J-Pop idol thing with elements of black metal and dark wave sounds. Limited edition of 300 copies on pink-black splattered vinyl, with 11 songs on vinyl.

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click to enlarge First pressing on deep-purple colored 180g-vinyl. Third full album by these Japanese Darkwave girls unit, containing 10 tracks of their Kawaii Metal, where Idol J-Pop meets with Black Metal.

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New Release! PRUNE DEER- Insufficient Postage - 12" - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Mini-LP by brilliant Post-/Math-Rock band from Hong Kong, and their first release outside of of their homeland. Limited edition of 200 copies on "randomly unclean" WHITE 180g-vinyl. Featuring the amazing Haru Nemuri on one of the songs. Any fans of bands like DON CABALLERO, BATTLES, TORTOISE, MOGWAI or G.Y.B.E. should really check out this band, since their sounds can surely withstand these comparisons!

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