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In Erinnerung an Armin Hofmann / In memory of Armin Hofmann
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DES ARK- Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker - CD - LOVITT

click to enlarge The 2nd full-length album by Aimee Argote & her friends! 8 songs, ranging from softly sweet ballads with acoustic instrumentation to fully-orchestrated and rocking songs. Actually pretty much in the same vein as MIRAH or THAO... NEW sealed/still shrinkwrapped copy!

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FRODUS- And They Washed Their Weapons In The Sea - n/a - LOVITT

click to enlarge Reissue of first LP, originally released in 2001, and having been out of print for 10 years now! Now available again on clear vinyl, with expanded packaging, including the original lyric-sheet and more!

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click to enlarge New album from American Post-Rock band. Entirely instrumental music. Intricately nuanced, swinging grooves led, with hazy and hypnotic atmospheres, led by guitar, piano or vibraphones. LP comes with download-code included!

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MILEMARKER- Conditional Love/Recognition - 7" - LOVITT

click to enlarge Original members Dave Laney and Al Burian, both having moved to Germany, re-activated their previous band. The new line-up includes Manuel Chittka (MESSER) on drums, and Lena Kilkka on synths and vocals. This new single continues the style MILEMARKER was known for, a rocking combination of Post-Hardcore Punk and New Wave Electronics (as on their classic LP "Frigid Forms Sell").

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MILEMARKER- Frigid Forms Sell - n/a - LOVITT

click to enlarge Reissue of their best album, originally released in 2000. This LP represents the bands characteristic combination of Hardcore and Electronics at its best. Comes with download-code included, offering unreleased demo-versions of the album as well!

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click to enlarge First full album from the reformed new line-up. Contains 9 new songs, musically picking up where they had left off after their albums "Frigid Forms Sell" and "Anaesthetic" earlier this century...

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click to enlarge First full album from this trio, incl. Justin Moyer. Minimalistic Post-Punk tunes. Underground-Pop in a nervously dissonant style. All three of them have been longtime active in various DC-bands, like ANTELOPE, VERTEBRATES, EL GUAPO, SUPERSYSTEM and EDIE SEDGWICK. Limited edition on GREEN vinyl, download included.

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click to enlarge Features 3 songs by Melissa Quinley and Ryan Nelson, ex-MOST SECRET METHOD, BEAUTY PILL and ROUTINEERS. Their first release since the "Volunteered..." CD in 2006. Not only because of the similar line-up, their music and sound is comparable to the EVENS. But it's as well a continuation of the a.m. bands!

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click to enlarge First full album by this band from Chicago, featuring members of MAPS&ATLASES, SUNS and JOAN OF ARC. But the music here is distinctly different from those other bands: 11 songs of beautifully sparse and fresh, and hard to categorize modern-type Pop-Rock. If you dig bands like TV ON THE RADIO, be sure to check this out! LP comes with a download-code included.

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