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CHARADES- En Ningun Lugar - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge First full album by this band from Madrid, with 3 girls and one boy on drums, who had also delivered one song to the KILL ROCK STARS compilation "Tracks & Fields"! 11 songs of cosmic 60s-influenced Pop, with beautifully harmonic vocals, shared by bassist Maria & guitarist Isabel. They sound like the early BANGLES, but with lyrics sung in spanish! CD-Digipak, or LP on heavy 180g-vinyl including a coupon for a free download of the album!

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COCONOT- Cosa Astral - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge New 2nd album by this band from Barcelona, including Pablo Diaz-Reixa aka EL GUINCHO! 9 new tracks of their experimentally twisted Rock and Pop combined with latin, caribean and african sounds. Pretty much in the same vein as EL GUINCHO, but more hand-made and less sampled, or comparable to VAMPIRE WEEKEND, but a more authentical feeling and less pop-style oriented!

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COCONOT- Novo Tropicalismo Errado - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge COCONUT is a duo from the Canary Islands, delivering some of the best stuff out of Spain i have heard in years! 11 tracks of spastically deconstructed Post-Punk/No Wave in the vein of bands like EX MODELS - played with guitars, drums, electronics and vocals, and even some latin influences in their sound!

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DOSS- Egometrie - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge Really excellent and energetic Noise-Rock from Spain, with influences from both Post-Rock and Emo-Hardcore, sounding like in between SHIPPING NEWS and ENGINE DOWN... 12 songs with a full playing-time 54 minutes!

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click to enlarge First album by this band from Valencia, including member of LE JONATHAN REILLY, with 12 tracks of bizarre Surf-Punk with a dark edge to it! The list of influences that could be cited here, could range from typical 60s Surf-Garage bands over PERE UBU and 22 PISTEPIRKKO to MAN OR ASTROMAN... Like creating a new genre that could be called ďDark and weird Post-Surf-PunkĒ?!

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L'ODI SOCIAL- Discography - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge The complete recordings by one of the first Spanish Hardcore-bands, along with the SUBTERRANEAN KIDS and GRB! This CD contains all their records, from 1986 and 1988, plus live-recordings from 1985 and from a reunion-show in 1997! 32 tracks in full, with a playing-time of 63 minutes, in a fold-out digipak with 20-page booklet included!

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LAVODRAMA- It's Close, That's What Matters - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge Debut-album by this trio from Zaragoza, that recovers the sound and spirit of bands like AINA, BLUE TIP, KEPONE, TRANS MEGETTI, etc... 12 songs with a full playing-time of 33 minutes.

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click to enlarge 4th full album by this band from Barcelona (previously known as the LINN YOUKI PROJECT). 12 new tracks of their Electro-Funk-Disco-Punk, thatís as close to bands like SUPERSYSTEM, as it is to DAT POLITICS. Itís funky, itís rocking, itís danceable and itís funny. But too bad, itís only available as a CD!

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click to enlarge Really excellent Electronica-Pop/Post-Punk from Spain, comparable to bands like SUPERSYSTEM! 14 tracks with a full playing-time 41 of minutes

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click to enlarge Colored vinyl LP including download-coupon! The 2nd full album by these guys from Madrid, with 10 new tracks. While on their first album they offered some crazy Noise-Post-Punk in the vein of BAD DUDES or INTELLIGENCE, they have now added some psychedelic and spacey elements to their sound. Maybe comparable to ABE VIGODA now. Not as noisy and raging as before, but still as playful, joyous and energetic as they used to be.

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